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Guess what I am about to do? Very excited about eating my first Indian lunch in Kavarna India This is the place where we shot the cover for the album Lots of bags with surprises! Taking photos in a temple in India with Poras Photoshootings in India with Poras India with it's colours I loved checking what kind of transportation exists in India After cover shooting with Poras and group of men in India


Working with Alex the acoustic guitar arrangements in El Pie studios in Buenos Aires Working guitar arrangements with Julian Very moody moment in the studio while Alex was recording slide Using the time in taking photos instead of listening Mike recording his drums Sightseeing in Stockholm on the day off. Tarja y Doug This is what Mike and Alex did on their off time in studio in Buenos Aires. That ball did hit the table few times, other times it was hitting the floor Trying not to loose my hearing while Alex is checking the differences in guitar amps Recording with my daughter, Naomi Alex recording acoustic guitar Recording vocals and having fun Recording more vocals with Torsten in Antigua Listening guys recording, being very pregnant! Max with his cello Mike recording drums in Buenos Aires Recorded a demo vocals for the new song we just wrote with VacuumJulian recording guitars in Buenos Aires Having a break from the creative process with Vacuum in Antigua Grabando Recording Doug recording. Look at the amount of pedals! Beautiful Stockholm Chris programming Christian at his home studio Composing songs with Johnny in AntiguaAlex recording guitars with Jetro in Buenos Aires Alex recording acoustic guitar Caroline is recording beautiful cello for couple of my songs I am recording piano for 2 of the album songs. As I am not a pianist, these recordings are always making me quite nervous. Mel Wesson in his world of sounds. With that wall of electronics he creates wonderful moods in movies and in my albums Mixing the album with Tim Palmer in Austin