New Album

Dear fans,

this is the place where I am going to be writing you about the process of my new album.

I am very happy with the production so far and cannot really wait to get the album ready!

It’s going to be a “killer, killer…” 🙂

In few days I am going to record the final vocals for the last song on the album. It will be a hard ending for the vocal recordings, since the song has several choirs and even some sort of ethnic touch, so I will have to sweat.

Anyway this album production has gone very smoothly forward since all the pieces are together and the team that has been working with me before is still the same.

It’s only getting better!

Here I am recording piano for a couple of songs.


And here we are having fun with my daughter in the studio listening to the takes.


In few days I will be flying to LA to work with Jim Dooley the orchestra and choir arrangements and then next week the “Beauty and the Beat” world tour begins.

Lot of things are going on at the same time, as always 🙂

Be well!

With love, Tarja

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