New Album

Dear fans,

this is the place where I am going to be writing you about the process of my new album.

I am very happy with the production so far and cannot really wait to get the album ready!

It’s going to be a “killer, killer…” 🙂

In few days I am going to record the final vocals for the last song on the album. It will be a hard ending for the vocal recordings, since the song has several choirs and even some sort of ethnic touch, so I will have to sweat.

Anyway this album production has gone very smoothly forward since all the pieces are together and the team that has been working with me before is still the same.

It’s only getting better!

Here I am recording piano for a couple of songs.


And here we are having fun with my daughter in the studio listening to the takes.


In few days I will be flying to LA to work with Jim Dooley the orchestra and choir arrangements and then next week the “Beauty and the Beat” world tour begins.

Lot of things are going on at the same time, as always 🙂

Be well!

With love, Tarja


  1. 03/18/2013

    Tarja – you are absolutely the BEST!! Wishing you continued success and cannot wait until your new album!!! You are an inspiration!!! Much love & admiration xoxoxox, Joanne

  2. 03/18/2013

    Dear tarja, I love your music, hope you come to argentina and cant wait to take your new album in my hands. I love you sooooo much, and congrats to your baby. Kisses from argentina 🙂

    • 03/18/2013

      Sera que el nombre del disco es “Killer, Killer” que opinas?

  3. 03/18/2013

    Nice update! Can’t wait!

    Is there an RSS feed to this blog?

  4. 03/18/2013

    Tarja greetings from venezuela
    we’re so happy to see how the album is progressing
    I’m still curious to know what the name’s gonna be
    I thought you would say it today, kisses

  5. 03/18/2013

    Dear Tarja,
    I am happy to read you again! I am also excited for the new album! I cant wait for August 2013, for buy your new cd and add him to my personal collection, YAY! You said “It’s going to be a “killer, killer…””…so.. is a clue? 😀 That’s makes me more excited and curious about!! True that, step by step will give us some clue increasingly clear? I hope so 😀
    I’m happy to read that you are enjoy the days with you little princess (to which I send a lot of kisses and love), and that all is ok!
    Another question…do you come back in Italy? Here we miss you a lot!
    We need to see you with Mike for the Beauty and the Beat tour, and if you do a date in Milan (as all years) that’s makes me very happy 🙂 I miss you a lot, really!!
    And I hope to have again the occasion to meet you again!! The last and at the same time the first occasion was in 2010 to my first concert of you.
    I love you, and I send you a lot of love, support and wish you all the best for the album, family and everything. God Bless you, wonderful woman.
    With love. Valeria from Milan (Italy).

  6. 03/18/2013

    Great news Tarja! Thank you for working so much and in different projects, that way we get rock, classical music and a mixture of both all in the same year 🙂 that is sooo great!!!

  7. 03/18/2013

    […] e não consigo esperar até o álbum ficar pronto!”, disse a vocalista em carta aberta no seu site oficial. De acordo com Tarja, a gravação do álbum está em fase final e terá toque […]

  8. 03/18/2013

    Esperamos con ansias el nuevo trabajo!
    Cuántas novedades!!!
    El nuevo CD…”ethnic touch”?? Seguramente tenga que ver con el viaje a la India no?? 😉
    Nuevo proyecto clásico con Harus, DVD con Mike!, y tanto más por venir!!!
    Te queremos!!!

  9. IDELA

    Hello my dear Tarja 😀
    Big bless for you and your family! I can’t wait for new album! You are all my life,your music is something special! I love you so much and I wanna see you and hear you for the first time ever in Montenegro(Balkan) ^____^
    You have big support from my country <3
    With love your Idela from Montenegro !!!

  10. 03/18/2013

    Mi amada Tarja, estoy ansiosa por esperando tu nuevo album, también por saber sobre la gira.Quisiera felicitarte por el exito del video ACT 1, ERES SORPRENDENTE! Quisiera que vengas a Córdoba con música clásica o con “Killer”

    Felicidades por tu maternidad 😀 cariños y un fuerte abrazo desde Córdoba.

    My beloved Tarja,I am anxious waiting for your new album and also for knowing on the tour.It wanted to congratulate on the success of video ACT 1,You are amazing.It wanted that you come to Córdoba Argentina with classic music or with “Killer”

    Congratulations for your maternity 😀 fondness and a strong embrace from

  11. 03/18/2013

    I cant imagine how much happy you are right now! Hope to see you again in the near future!

  12. 03/18/2013

    Hello Tarja,

    It’s very exciting to read news about the new album 🙂

    Also it’s nice to see some lovely photo’s of Naomi!

    Can’t wait to hear more news soon…

    Love and Best Wishes,

    Frances x

  13. 03/18/2013

    I’m so happy that you are such a workaholic, truly love everything you do. Thanks for this new blog! I’m so excited, see you in Tallinn in may!! 🙂

  14. Mónica

    best birthday gift ever! We support you and love you… I cant wait for your new album, and your daughter is so cute!

  15. 03/18/2013

    Thank you for the new blog site! What’s the name of the new album? Greetings from Brazil.

  16. S

    Angel Lirico del Manantial…

    Cuida de la poética esperanza y contempla
    los honores de la perseverancia…

  17. Beatrice

    We love you, from all parts of the world. Hope to see you soon, it is my greatest desire. Look forward to the new album 🙂 I love you, a hug and a big kiss from Sardinia, Italy

  18. 03/19/2013

    OMG! Can’t wait to hear the new album Tarja ♥
    Waiting for you on the Beauty and the Beat in Mexico City. 😀

  19. Sebastian

    I think you are the best, can’t wait to see you back in Argentina! I love you and all your music!

  20. 03/19/2013

    Wonderful news! I barely wait for your concert in April in Romania!

  21. 03/19/2013

    Very interesting idea with B&W photos on the website! A very elegant solution, almost as elegant as your outfit!

  22. 03/19/2013

    I can’t wait to listen your new album!!!
    Lot’s of love from France!!

  23. 03/19/2013

    I CAN’T WAIT FOR AN ALBUM! I’m really enjoying and waiting. You’re my biggest inspiration and the best singer in history! Hope you’ll visit Bratislava again and in Slovakia we’re waiting for you <3

  24. 03/19/2013

    Hello Tarja,
    I can not wait to hear/ see result from your work.:)
    And i hope you come with your beauty and the beat Tour to Germany too.

    Enjoy your tour-free time.


  25. 03/19/2013

    hello dear Tarja!! I’m so happy to hear the news of the new album, your life is now more enlightened by this angel who you carries in your arms!! I’m waiting anxiously for the new songs, I’m sure they will be incredible!
    And Naomi … mmmmm sooooo cuuuteeee <3 kisses for you two.

  26. 03/21/2013

    hey!!dear Tarja, so happy to hear news about your new work, can’t really wait to hear it!! you are always a great inspiration for me, really, your music is teaching me a lot everyday and makes me so happy!!so thank you;)) can’t wait to see you live!! kisses to you and your family

  27. Tom

    Hi Tarja,

    Congratulations on becoming a mother!

    I’m so pleased to hear you are releasing a new album. I discovered your music last year and I luv it! In a couple of weeks I’m coming to see you in Beauty & The Beat when you play in Prague in the Czech Republic. Do carry on with your sublime creativity and don’t ever stop making these amazing songs with amazing music!

    And please come and play England in your rock outfit when you tour the new album. I’d luv to go to one of your rock gigs!

    Best wishes from Tom x

  28. 03/24/2013

    Love you!! <3<3<3 =)

  29. millie

    awsome will this be relesed in uk we would love for you to come well i would congartulations once again and on being a mother xxxx love millie