PR: Tarja announces new studio album to be released in August 2013

Tarja and her Impala Awards for "Act I" and "Harus - Live At Sibelius Hall" (Dec 2012)Following the sensational success of “ACT I”, earMUSIC and Tarja are delighted to announce the renewal of their collaboration for an exciting set of new releases spanning over the next few years.

Kicking off with the long awaited new studio rock album, the following months will entail many musical areas of interest of the versatile and talented Finnish artist, including exciting new studio material as well as live audio and video recordings.
Although rock will remain Tarja‘s main musical field in the months to come, earMUSIC and the artist are also planning to release further high quality productions in diverse musical genres.
The spectacular “Beauty and The Beat” tour will be filmed this year, and the success of the album “Harus” will be followed by the first-ever classical studio album by Tarja Turunen.

Tarja‘s fans will be happy to know that the follow-up to 2010’s studio album “What Lies Beneath” will hit the stores between August and September 2013.
The album, mixed by Tim Palmer (Pearl Jam, U2) is set to be Tarja’s next milestone for symphonic heavy rock thanks to a stellar line-up and a state of the art production.
Details about the first single and its video and the extensive worldwide tour will be revealed soon.

ACT I” – the first rock release by Tarja on earMUSIC charted Top 10 all over Europe as well as almost all over the world, with a sensational no. 5 in Germany’s General Charts (a unique result for a live album). The video version even remained for over two months at the peak of the Finnish music video charts.

Fans will be able to follow Tarja‘s work and musical journey to her new album release on her website


  1. 03/18/2013

    Congratulations for the already acquired success and for the future ones! Our tickets (my daughter’s and mine) for 11th of April in Bucharest, make us part of the next “Beauty and the Beat” DVD! I barely wait for your concert!

  2. 03/19/2013

    Love you Tarja, following you since Day (not Act, LOL) one!!! Looking forward to everything that is to come. Argentinian kisses!!!

  3. 03/19/2013

    Love <3 from ARGENTINA!!! 😀

  4. 03/19/2013

    Hi Tarja!

    Congratulations!! We love you!!! I’m sooo happy your new album will be released for 21st Birthday!! 😀
    I hope you and your little family are fine!!! 🙂 But also you’ll come in France very soon!!!

    Lot’s of love from France!!! <3


  5. 03/19/2013

    I’m very excited about all your upcoming projects. Can’t believe that you’re finally going to record and release a classical dvd! And the classical album, Tarja we love you and you’re truly a very big part of my life.

    Thanks for everything in the past, current and future!
    Be well, hope youre new familly the best.


  6. 03/20/2013

    So cool…..This new álbum so amazing!!!

    I’m very excited.

    Thanks for everything in the past.

  7. 03/21/2013

    Hello Tarja wish you success in your new album, is so fall in love with every song you do.
    Greetings from Ecuador

  8. 03/22/2013

    I´m so glad with this news!!! and i can´t wait to see you again dear Tarja! all my best wishes for this new album !!! finally more from your awesome music!!!

  9. 03/23/2013

    So many projects!!!
    Glad to hear that!
    All the best for you, Like Always!

  10. 03/24/2013

    Waiting anxiously. Dreaming with you dressed in Indian Goddess. OMG My Dream 😀