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Vocals done!

And finally all the vocal recordings for the new CD are done! 🙂 🙂

This is already enough good reason to open a bottle of wine to celebrate, as the feeling is that we are almost there…

I always love to experiment new things with my voice and this last song we recorded with my engineer in Buenos Aires, Mario, was not an exception.


This song I decided some time ago that it will be the closing track of the album. It was challenging to write about the story of “Medusa”.

Just before travelling to L.A. to work with Jim the orchestra and choir arrangements I run into Eugenio’s studio to take new promotional photos.



With love, Tarja


  1. 03/24/2013

    WOW!!! I’m so worked up now, I can’t wait to hear your take on the Medusa story! Please keep on keeping us informed, I can barely wait to listen to your new material but these blogs kinda easen the wait 🙂

    Lost of love,

    Luis from Venezuela.

  2. 03/24/2013

    Estoy deseando escuchar todos esos nuevos temas Tarja, millones de besos desde España!

  3. 03/24/2013

    Hello Tarja,

    Thanks for updating!

    Medusa, very interesting 🙂 It’s going to be great to finally hear everything! I know there is still lots of time to go… but it’s getting exciting now 🙂

    Can’t wait to see the new promo photo’s 🙂

    Hope to see you in the UK on the new album tour 😀

    Love and Best Wishes,

    Frances x

    • IDELA

      I am so happy for you 😀
      This is great news ^_^
      I can’t wait to hear new CD and to hear
      ou live in my country,Montenegro,for the first time ever.. Thank You for all this years,I love you so much,and I support You 🙂
      Big blesses for Marcelo,Naomi <3 and you ,my goddes ,Tarja !
      Greetings from Idela <3

  4. 03/24/2013

    Hi Tarja!!!
    it is great to heare news about you!!
    thak you for all that thigs you tell us!!
    i hope everythig is going well for you!!
    cheers from Colombia!
    I LOVE YOU!!!
    i cant wait to hear “medusa”!!
    it sounds grat!!

  5. 03/24/2013

    Nice to see all the working going on. It’s nice to see also that the new album is gonna have some different element on vocal, and what it talks about.

    Congrats for ur job and voice, I do love ur work. I’m waiting for u in Brazil with the new album and songs. ♥

  6. 03/24/2013

    Such great news !! It’s already hard to wait to heard this new album and all this snow and cold don’t really help to think August will come soon … listening to Into the sun is helping more =)

  7. Marcos.

    Gracias idola! Gracias por tu música, gracias por todo.

  8. 03/24/2013

    I can’t wait to hear some samples! 🙂

  9. 03/24/2013

    Looking forward to the new cd. Please release a photo of a character in India. : D Brazil Love YOUUUU! <3

  10. José Salas

    Con la esperanza que vuelvas pronto a Chile para escuchar tu maravillosa voz en vivo nuevamente

  11. 03/24/2013

    Estoy realmente emocionada por escuchar estos nuevos temas , que bien que cada vez sean mas creativos! , me da un gusto enorme , buena vibra desde Mexico , besos y abrazos! Smile and the world smiles with you!

  12. 03/24/2013

    I can’t wait to hear your new cd Tarja! I love to hear you sing so much. I know I’m going down a dead end road but I pray you and Nightwish will somehow find it in your hearts to forgive and forget. Unfortunately I discovered you guys after your departure but my favorite to watch is End Of An Era. Never again will there be a performance with the magic and heart like you guys did in that one. No matter what I’ll always be a fan. Best wishes from the east coast of North Carolina…”Hugs” 🙂

  13. 03/24/2013

    Tarja Turunen te admiro profundamente, soy de Chascomus, Buenos Aires:) me encantaria conocerte; por favor ven a dar un show en Buenos Aires asi te veo!! <3 sos una excelente artista…Por favor te lo pido ven a Buenos Aires, me harias muy feliz …Con amor y respeto CRISTINA AGUIRRE

  14. 03/24/2013

    tarjaaa <3 te amoo eres increible gracias por mantenernos al tanto espero escuchar tu voz nuevamente, eres increible espero pronto escuchar tu nuevo material, suena interesnte lo de medusa y el asesino 🙂

  15. Micah Tidwell

    Soo looking forward to hearing some samples of this upcoming album!!!!

  16. 03/24/2013

    felicitaciones!!!!!!!! espero con ansias tu nuevo disco y tambien la gira ojala vengas a chile!! te queremos desde chile <3

  17. Klaverhouse (Ricarddo)


  18. 03/24/2013

    No puedo esperar para escuchar “Medusa”!!! 😀 Muchas felicidades por su nuevo disco, sera grandioso como todos los otros me imagino :). Cariños desde Chile.

  19. marysabel

    Estoy esperando con muchas ansias escuchar nuevos temas, eres mi cantante favorita, la musa mas inspiradora, adoro tu voz y la pasión con que cantas y tu increible estilo tan propio… eres única

  20. 03/24/2013

    I’m glad to see it, I’m waiting to hear a new album from this Great Singer. Tarja has an increadible voice and talent. Much more happiness for you, family and her work partners!

  21. 03/24/2013

    Minha querida Náiade, mal posso esperar por essa nova obra. E quanto a música Medusa, não precisa lembrar que será perfeita. A letra quando vira música a partir da tua voz se converte em arte. Sou e sempre serei teu fã. Boa sorte e sucesso! ^^

  22. 03/24/2013

    Jukka : We finished the show, and Tarja leaves away without talking with us ! That’s one thing that makes me furious !
    Emppu : It’s better to turn off the camera. We’ll scold her a little…

    Tuomas : If I could make a request to God, I wish it was invented teleporters at airports.

    Cameraman: Do not forget to give me that, later.
    Tarja: 🙂

    God: Everything that is perfect must die. This is the end of Nightwish.

    Bruno : God, you’re making a mistake. Tarja need to has a child, even if it is a boy, because she is an excellent representative of women.
    God: I know. In fact she already had a daughter. In secret.

    God : Tarja has no master to show where her voice can reach.

    God: The members of Nightwish can not die with remorse each other. This can not happen. Do something.

    God: In the Tarja’s next album will be the presence of the rampant – the Medusa !

  23. 03/24/2013

    Tarja eres maravillosa, mi inspiración para cantar. Muchas Gracias, y aunque se que nunca tendré la potabilidad de conocerte ni decirte lo que has significado para mi, solo te digo gracias por tu hermosa voz.

  24. 03/24/2013

    U are the best! I love u Tarja! Good luck! 🙂 <3

  25. 03/24/2013

    Tarja! te esperamos en Rosario!!! ¿Para cuando la próxima fecha?!!! 😀

  26. maru

    gracias reina mia por compartir tu talento con nosotros te amo x siempre

  27. 03/24/2013

    Tarja gracias x compartirnos tu maravillosa música…genial(: besos desde Argentina!!!!! Bendiciones!*-*

  28. Martin

    Es fantastico con solo pensarlo . me imagino la historia de la vida de una medusa con sonidos de oceanos , corales y agudos.

  29. Carlos

    hi Tarja you music is beautiful 🙂 thanks for Beauty and the Beat in Mexico new album jajajaja i love you my goddses Metal kiss forever to you :*

  30. JORGE

    Gracias por deleitarnos con tu gran VOZ y gran misica. Eres Grande.

  31. 03/24/2013

    Hi Tarja, I love your voice! I can not wait to hear your new sound. You could come to Brazil in September in Rock’n’Rio more precisely Sept. 22. I and all your Brazilian fans were going to love it. Success and hugs from Brazil.

  32. Evi

    well, I cant wait for this new album of yours 🙂 and congrats 🙂

  33. Juan Pablo (80XxbelialxX08)

    TAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARJAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!! OMG, Medusa… *.* … that’s gonna be my song <3

  34. 03/24/2013

    la espera es cada vez mas corta Diosa 🙂 se vienen esos meses en que las ganas de escuchar tu nuevo disco se hacen cada vez mas grandes <3

  35. 03/24/2013

    Yay! Can’t wait for the new album to be released! Now you only have to come tour in wonderful South Africa 🙂 You have so many fans here waiting for you, myself included 😉

  36. 03/24/2013

    Hi Tarja,

    I’m happy to hear your new album is ready!!! 😀
    I’m sure it’s great!!!! I can’t wait to listen it!!
    The photoshoot seems nice!! 😀
    Take care! <3

    Lot's of love from France!


  37. Rimantas Paskauskas

    …Hi,Tarja.Such a Great news…!…The photoshoot seems nice.I can’t wait to heard new CD.Please,keep on keeping us informed.Rimantas from Lithuania/Ireland….

  38. 03/24/2013

    We are waiting for the album!

  39. 03/24/2013

    Heey Tarja,

    Great to hear that the vocals are done, you’ve have been working really hard I think. It’s always great to hear this kind of updates, because it makes me looking forward even more to the new album!
    I trust you that it will be awesome.
    I hope to see you again soon in the Netherlands! Have lots of fun with the rest of the accordings! Enjoy!

    Thank for everything 😀
    Tess from Holland

  40. 03/24/2013

    We’re waiting! always here for you.. Thank you for all. With love, Russia) Btw, thanks for incredibly convenient site’s design and esp. the full-size photos! =В Finally my words are heard =3

  41. Ju'

    Hi !
    I hope to see you soon once again in Belgium… and both have lots of fun !
    I’m waiting for your new album !

  42. Katie

    So glad to hear that your new album is nearly done, can not wait until it comes out here in the U.K. Anxious to what the album is called, and to see the promo photos. It’s looking good on here, on your blog. Can’t wait to hear more about it! <3

  43. 03/24/2013

    Hola Tarja! Somos una pareja que nos conocimos en tu concierto de Madrid el 18 de Febrero, siempre lo recordaremos como algo muy especial, ya que no vivíamos en la misma ciudad. Y asistir a tu concierto nos dio la posibilidad de encontrarnos.
    Tenemos muchísimas ganas de oír tu nuevo disco y que vuelvas pronto a Madrid, un beso enorme!
    Clari y Israel.

  44. 03/24/2013

    great new page from my goddess … within all the good news … yeeeey the sun is shining for me ….
    I LOVE YOUUUUUU !!! :-*

  45. 03/24/2013

    GRACIAS TARJA POR TODA TU BUENA MUSICA, espero actualizarme mas en tus musicas, son rebuenas ERES LA MEJOR!!! TARJA

  46. 03/24/2013

    Wooow, great!! I can´t wait!!! 😀 <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  47. Juan Pablo (80XxbelialxX08)

    Martin: creo que Tarja se refería al personaje de la mitología griega, Medusa, no a las medusas del mar… XD.
    La historia de Medusa es bastánte trágica y oscura, seguramente Tarja le hará justicia a ese hermoso mito <3

  48. 03/24/2013

    Hola! Soy de Mendoza, me encantaría que vengas en tu gira de rock, ya que de seguro asistirá mucha gente! Gracias por todo!

  49. Blanca Uva

    Tarja ancias totales por escuchar ya tu nuevo album y poder estar en un show tuyo en vivo 🙂 saludos desde México ♥

  50. 03/24/2013

    wow, I don’t know if it’s just me, but this time the album progressed super fast! that’s excellent, of course! 🙂 I’m quite happy, now, maybe I’ll be able to meet you in Nürnburg later this year, again, cause the last time in Mainz I was kinda shy, for it was the first time for me too meet you in person 🙂 You’re the best, I totally love all your work! man… I’m so happy right now 🙂

  51. 03/24/2013

    Can’t wait this new album an the new world tour! With love, your faithful Russian fans!

  52. 03/24/2013

    Hola mi amada Tarja, Soy de la Ciudad de Guatemala y viajare en junio para poder verte en Mexico DF. Espero por ese dia como ningun otro. Gracias por compartir toda esta informacion con nosotros. Te amo! Att. Lola 🙂

  53. 03/25/2013

    I’m Waiting for it… Tarja in Honduras all we Love you…

  54. 03/25/2013

    Que ansiedad por el nuevo disco!! Seguramente será tan genial como los demás, Ya quiero verte en vivo! ! *.*

  55. 03/25/2013

    AHHH!!!!!! Im going to DIE!! FINALLY!!!!!! I LOVE YOU TARJA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  56. 03/25/2013

    Great to hear from you again, you look so pretty! I’m very excited about this ”Medusa” song, sounds promising! Only 5 more days until the premier of Beauty and the Beat – I am so excited about it! I wish you all luck and alot of love from Sweden!

  57. 03/25/2013

    Great news! I can’t wait to hear new album! See you many times next week! 😀

  58. 03/25/2013

    Hi Tarja
    Just waiting (nagging on my fingernails) for the new album to come out. And really, really waiting for my tickets for your concert in the city of Cologne, Germany this november. It´ll be my first time see you live in concert. Good luck or you, Marcello and of course little Naomi!

  59. 03/25/2013

    Dear Tarja,
    I am, as always, happy to read you!!
    So I see that everything is ok, and this makes me happy 😀
    I see also that the work is processing very well…I am so excited about! YAY 😀
    So, I guess that the tematic of the album is the mitology? So…that’s another clue? That’s cool! About “medusa”…is interesting, really! This makes me really curious 🙂
    I cant wait for know, other news from you!
    I send kisses and love to your little Naomi xxx
    I love you awesome woman, and God bless ya and you work!
    With love, you affectionate fan. Valeria from Italy.
    P.s: please, come back in Milan, we miss you here xoxo

  60. 03/26/2013

    Tarja eres un encanto, eres una mujer bellísima y con la voz mas preciosa del mundo, ¡¡te amo!! Gracias por deleitar mis oídos con tu voz, espero con muchas ansias el concierto que darás en Lima, me muero por verte, ¡I LOVE YOU TARJA!

  61. 03/26/2013

    hello dear Tarja! I’m waiting anxiously for the new album. Have a great job. God bless you, too many kisses for Naomi

  62. 04/01/2013

    Hyvää Toinen Pääsiäispäivä! 🙂

  63. 04/02/2013

    Hei Tarja !
    Ohhhh is good news I waiting with impatience this new opus! Good work !
    Take care 🙂

  64. 04/02/2013

    Tar! Sos muy grosa! En serio! Te felicito por todo lo que te esta pasando, te lo super mereces por todo el trabajo duro que haces. Espero poder ver alguno de los shows de Beauty and the Beat. Estoy super ansiosa por escuchar el nuevo disco. Viniendo de vos no puede ser mas que genial! Admirote bocha!! pero sarpado en serio!! un cálido abrazo!

  65. 04/06/2013

    Tarja Turunen a la voix d’un ange!
    Elle est l’Ange de la musique!
    Grâce à sa musique, j’ai fait la rencontre de maginfiques personnes de partout dans le monde!
    La langue n’est pas un obstacle pour partager les passions!
    Il y a très peu d’artistes ayant ce talent musical, mais aussi cette gentillesse!
    Donc si quelqu’un l’embête, je lui botte les fesses!!!
    Que puis-je dire à part merci Tarja!! Je t’aime!!

    Tarja Turunen has the voice of an angel!
    Tarja is the Angel of musique!
    Thanks to her music, I met beautiful people from all over the world!
    Languages aren’t obstacles to share the passion!
    There are very few artists having this musical talent, but also this kindness!
    Thus if somebody annoys her, I kick his/her ass!!!
    What can I say except thank you Tarja!! I love you!!

    Tarja Turunen は天使の声(投票)を持っています!
    Tarja は音楽の天使です!
    彼のへの感謝(彼女そ)音楽、私は多数の人々に会いました !
    私がありがとう Tarja を分けるように言うかもしれないこと!私はあなたを愛します!

    ¡ Tarja tiene la voz de un ángel!
    ¡ Tarja es el Ángel de la música!
    ¡ Gracias a su música, me encontré con numerosas personas!
    ¡ Las lenguas no son obstáculos para compartir la pasión!
    ¡ Hay muy pocos artistas que tiene este talento musical, pero también esta gentileza!
    ¡ Pues si alguien lo(la) aburre, le doy un puntapié nalga!!
    ¡ Que puedo decir aparte gracias a Tarja! Te quiero!

    Tarja ha la voce di un angelo!
    Tarja è l’angelo della musica!
    Grazie alla sua musica, ho fatto l’incontro di belle persone!
    Le lingue non sono ostacoli per dividere la passione!
    Ci sono pochi artisti che hanno questo talento musicale, ma anche questa cortesia!
    Dunque se qualcuno l’infastidisce, daro un calcio nel sedere a lui/lei !!
    Che posso dire a parte grazie Tarja! Ti amo!

    Tarja Turunen tem a voz (vote) do anjo de ano!
    Tarja é o Ángel de música!
    Graças à música dela, eu ponho bonito do mundo inteiro a celebridade!
    Idiomas não são obstáculos para compartilhar a paixão!
    Há muito poucos artistas tendo musical este talento, também bebeu esta bondade! Assim alguém aborrece o teixo dela, eu chuto o dele / o asno dela!!!
    Que cani dizem para excluir Tanque você Tarja!! Te amo!