new song title

Another beautiful day in Austin. We are making progress everyday with Tim.

Orchestras, choirs, cellos, sound ambience design, duduk, harp, the band… everything is getting together 🙂

Here goes another song title for you: Neverlight



With love, Tarja


  1. 04/23/2013

    que genial , espero ansiado escuchar esos temas !… ^_^
    grande Tarja ….

  2. 04/23/2013

    Estou ansiosa..pela temática, pelas fotos e qual será a atmosfera do CD…

  3. 04/23/2013

    Wow you look so beautiful with your baby… here in Honduras you have people who loves you Tarja

  4. 04/23/2013

    te amoo tarjaaa tus tituls de las canciones son genialesss 😀

  5. Clayton

    Wow, this is great to hear. I am very anxious to find out what you have in store for us. Good luck 🙂

    btw, your baby is growing fast 🙂

  6. 04/23/2013

    I Love You!!!! I really wanna listen your new album!

  7. Christopher

    Can’t wait!

  8. 04/23/2013

    MARAVILLOSOO ~~ We can’t wait for ur voice my Dear Tarja . Many regards from Chile !!!!

  9. 04/23/2013

    Hmmm, I’m puzzled by the titles until now, haha.
    And also anxious to hear some samples of the songs, and also to read what you have to say of each of them, getting to know part of the story behind.

    By the way, your daughter seems to be a beautiful healty baby, congratulations. 🙂

    My best wishes, Dante.

  10. 04/23/2013

    Tarja se las ve preciosa a ti y a Naomi, éxitos, y te esperamos pronto en Paraguay!!!

  11. 04/23/2013

    espero ese disco nuevo con hermosa tu bebe felicidades i love you tarja.

  12. 04/23/2013

    Is amazing to see how beautiful, healthy and lovely Naomi is (: I can see clearly in your eyes the joy you feel when you hold her in your arms, it touchs me deeply.

  13. 04/23/2013

    Tus canciones siempre me han motivado y gustado me gusta mucho tu voz tu eres especial cuando cantas saludos desde Honduras ya me siento ansioso por escuchar tu nuevo album hasta pronto

  14. 04/23/2013

    Hi Tarja!!!

    I’m sure your new “Baby” will be a great album!!! 😀
    I can’t wait to listen to it!!!
    I hope you’ll feel better!!! <3
    We love you!! I love you!!!
    Lot's of lov efrom france!

  15. 04/23/2013

    Hello Tarja, it’s so great to get these little bits of information about your new album, love the song titles so far and can’t wait to hear the whole album! 😀

  16. 04/23/2013

    anxiously waiting…please return to Uruguay for another show!!!!!!!

  17. 04/23/2013

    Me encantan como viene todo! Sólo resta esperar, arpas!arpas!arpas! XD.
    Pobre NAMU cansadita. ♥
    Besos Tarja!
    Epseramos verte pronto!

  18. 04/23/2013

    Hello Tarja,

    Wow, the updates are coming quickly now!

    Can’t wait to hear how everything has come together, and put a sound to the song titles!

    Naomi is growing up fast! She looks very content 🙂

    Love and Best Wishes,

    Frances x

  19. 04/23/2013

    I can’t wait to listen to it! You have beautiful and sweet daughter!! Your daughter so lucky! 🙂 Greetings from TURKEY!!!

  20. laura ull

    this one sounds beautiful 🙂

  21. Carlos C

    Excited! Please go to Orlando Florida! We love you!

  22. 04/23/2013

    Can’t wait, august still seems to be so far. Lot of kisses from Hungary, and the others are right, your daughter is really beautiful, you’re so lucky! 😀 And we are lucky too ~ because we have you. ^^

  23. 04/23/2013

    OMG HARP, i love the sound…. we wish you the best in this process please GIVE US NOW the lyric video 😀 kisses

  24. 04/23/2013

    Estou ansioso para escutar essa nova obra de arte, te adoro Tarja!

  25. S

    Serafin Hecho Carne…

    La expresión del caballero dorado derrama
    lagrimas al percibir los gritos en pensamientos de ella.
    Su corazón será el guía hasta presenciar el encuentro tan
    anhelado por los seres poéticos.


  26. 04/26/2013

    Neverlight? It sounds so beautiful… I hope that it would be the slow, sad one – like Boy And The Ghose or The Archive Of Lost Dreams. They are the best! ♥

  27. 05/03/2013

    Hello Tarja!
    I must say, you are such a great woman! 🙂 And I bet your daughter will be very proud of her momma one day! 🙂 And I can’t wait for the new album to be released!

    Sending you a lot of love and kisses from Vienna! <3