The tour goes on

Dear friends!

Greetings from Saint Petersburg. Here the Beauty and The Beat concert was held in a really beautiful venue and was sold out.


It has been amazing to perform these cross over shows again with Mike. We have been having such a great time with the orchestras and choirs! The atmospheres in all the concerts have been very special. Thank you for all those “bravos” Saint Petersburg!


We started our journey from Bucharest where we tried to do the show some weeks ago, but unfortunately needed to postpone it due to my illness. This time I was still recovering, but we managed to do the show and saw how the place was packed with enthusiastic Romanians. This definitely was the biggest show I have ever done in Romania, so it makes me very happy. And the love was definitely in the air!



After Romania we travelled to Wroclaw, Poland. I was happy to visit this city for the first time ever. We performed with the academy orchestra and they played very well. It was fun to perform with young and talented people. We really had a great time with these lovely people and the Polish audience. I felt very welcome in Wroclaw and the concert made me realize that I have to make more shows in Poland in the future. Very nice feeling!


Poland was left behind and after another a couple of flights we arrived to Moscow, Russia.


Russians really play music with emotions, wow! The orchestra conductor is not speaking English, but we manage with German! Hehehe.



Great, great concert in Moscow and again I received hundreds of flowers from the lovely audience. Russians, you are crazy with the flowers!  🙂


Today we’ll travel to Tallinn, Estonia where we are going to play tomorrow. It is going to be my third time in Estonia, so cannot wait to see what happens.

Tomorrow, Monday 20th, we are going to disclose you the second album cover for the Special Edition of “Colours in the dark”, so come back to check it at


With love, Tarja


  1. 05/19/2013

    Hey Tarja!! 🙂

    I can’t wait to listen to your new album, at the pre-listening in Paris! We’re still waiting the date by the way! 🙂

    I hope we’ll see you very soon in France!!! 😀 We miss you!! <3

    Lot's of love from France!! <3 <3

    Sandra xoxo

  2. 05/19/2013

    Hello Tarja,

    Thanks so much for the update 🙂

    I’m hoping on day that, the Beauty And The Beat shows may come to the UK… you never know! The more video’s I see online, the more special the concerts look.

    Really looking forward to seeing the special edition album cover 🙂

    Love and Best Wishes,

    Frances x

  3. Izabella

    yes more shows in Poland please. i’m glad you enjoyed performing in my country:)

    *smth is wrong with this blog cuz pics are cut:/


    Great! Tarja, it is so good to follow you and see all the amazing things you’ve been doing and the places you’ve visited in your journey, as you share it with us 🙂
    I’m very pleased to know that I’ll be going to see you later this year, can’t wait to rock to the new songs 😉 keep spreading your message 🙂
    greets from Germany, Laura Ull

  5. 05/19/2013

    Thank you for that magical evening in Moscow. Your vocal is just outstanding) My parents came first time with me, of course, they were impressed =) Mom is singing “IWA” right now хD
    Really love your performances with orchestra… PLEASE, come to us with Christmas songs!
    There was but one unfortunate circumstance: you hadn’t time to give autographs and take pictures with your fans. And they came from other cities, too.. though you’ve been in Moscow for a long time, Marcelo cancelled the “Meet & greet” event in the last moment… seemed rather strange and not pleasant.
    I don’t know all the reasons, but please, do not forget your WS!
    Btw, we’re making a really nice present for the next tour, from all the WS club, hope you’ ll be pleased =)
    Bon voyage, mon ami 😉

  6. 05/19/2013

    wow!! that venue really looks beautiful… I love reading about your journeys, thank you for keeping in touch with us:) wish you all the best as always!! Roberta

  7. 05/19/2013

    Que buena onda!!!
    Hermoso el primar recinto!!!! QUE LUJO !!!

    IMPACTANTE el cover del CD!!! Que cambio!!!! Muchas cosas escondidas!!!
    No puedo esperar a que nos aclares las especulaciones jaja.

    Mucha suerte, como siempre, desde Baires.
    Esperamos verte pronto Teté!!!

  8. 05/19/2013

    Adorei essa última foto. A cidade parece realmente inspiradora, deve ter se divertido muito vendo essas paisagens!

  9. Luciana ( ROSARIO )

    Dear Tarja ! Thanks for this beautiful pictures , they´re amazing , I hope that someday you’ll give us this marvellous experience too, here in Rosario – Argentina . We want to see your classic side , and we support your music and your ideas because you’re in our hearts ! Good Luck ! You seem really happy with your career at this moment and for your new life with your beautiful daugther and husband , that make me feel really glad for you. ! Lot of love ! Luciana ( WINTER STORM ROSARIO )

  10. Anna

    Dear Tarja, I hope you will be in Kharkov soon!:)

  11. 05/19/2013

    Tarja make tomorrow the world would kneel by the next cover!!

    Anxiety Level GOD!!



  12. Kristina Nesic

    I can’t wait your new album. Thanks for your updates

    Greetings from Serbia

    Best wishes <3

  13. 05/19/2013

    Very happy to hear about your concerts.Congratulation .Lovely flowers btw.:)Have a beautiful night.

  14. Julia

    Yes, you definitely have to make more shows in Poland! 😀

  15. 05/20/2013

    “I have to make more shows in Poland in the future” – YES! YES! YES!
    Maybe in Poznan?
    The concert in Wroclaw amazing!

  16. 05/20/2013

    Hey Tarja lovely Photos thank you so much for the post and the site is looking good :).I hope to see many posts update in the future .Thank You have a nice day.

  17. Nadya

    Dear Tarja!
    Greetings from Moscow! Thank you so much for the great concert!
    “Russians, you are crazy with the flowers! ” – Flowers it’s our love to you 🙂

    I hope we see you soon!

    with love, Nadya

  18. Name

    Dear Tarja, I so happy that you like in my country. Please come to Poland with your new Tour please. I love you voice and I feel so emotional when I hear you sing. Your music help me across a lot of darkness in my live and it was easer and I so happy that your album coming out !!!!!!
    Love from Poland

  19. Betty

    Seriously, how many languages do you speak?
    (Und verstehst du mich, wenn ich Deutsch schreibe? Das würde mich echt mal interessieren.)
    I myself manage only German, English and a quite … let´s call it interesting … mix of Italian, Spanish and Danish that is enough to understand spanishspeaking and italianspeaking people if they talk slow and to read Danish texts if they are not too complicated.
    Thank you for the beautiful pictures! Seems like a great tour. I wish I was able to see you live again… Any chance of you coming to play at the M´era Luna this year? 😀