“Colours In The Dark” promotion in Berlin, Germany


  1. 06/06/2013

    Hey Tarja!

    I wish you to have a great time in Berlin!
    I hope you’ll come in France very soon!! 😀

    Lot’s of love from France! We love you! <3 <3

    Sandra xoxo

  2. 06/06/2013

    When i heard your voice i am really happy!!! I love all the news about you Tarja!!! And i always write to you on Twitter most likely you did not see my messages but its ok!!
    When will you come to Turkey? I am keep saying that but you should know i won’t give up until you come!! 🙂

    with love, Cemre

  3. Israfel

    Can’t wait to hear new songs, especially these heavy one which you always put on your albums In for a Kill was amazing also Ciaran’s Well and I love a version of Lost Northern Star from Act I.
    If you find a while in your busy life, think about Poland and people who are waiting for your next concert.
    Happy Metal Day

  4. 06/10/2013

    Tarja come to TURKEY please I’m begging you please!!! I do not want to die without seeing you 🙁 You promised us in 2009. Please Tarja hear me!!! :((( I’m in desperate :'(