Hola from Mexico City!

In the last couple of weeks I have been extremely busy making interviews and promoting my new album. The days have been really long, but I received excellent feedback from the media. For the first time I see that people are starting to understand where I am going with my music and that makes me really happy.

I was recently in London and Paris. All I saw was the hotel room and the restaurant and got out only for some photo shootings. I just love both of these cities very much. It felt odd not to have even time to make any shopping! 🙂

IMG_3488 IMG_3462IMG_3477

We also filmed a new music video in Berlin for my single “Victim of Ritual”. Yesterday I received the final version for approval and I must say that I am really happy with it.

There were around 40 people working in the production and here you can see some of us having our lunch break.


The video is a 5:50 minutes story, but it doesn’t feel that long at all 😉

We will already show you a trailer of the video on Wednesday June 26th, but here are few more images until then.


Today we will start rehearsing with the orchestra and choir for the upcoming Beauty and The Beat show in Mexico DF. I hope it all goes fine.

Even though we arrived to Mexico few days ago, the jet lag is still bothering us. It has been fun to wake up every morning at 05:00 am…


With love, Tarja


  1. 06/20/2013

    Hi Tarja! 🙂

    I can’t wait to watch the 1st official video for “Colours in the Dark”!
    And of course, I can’t wait to listen to your new album! I was supposed to go to listen to it in Paris but unfortunately, I dropped in blood pressure 2 days before….
    But I hope you enjoyed Paris and London! 🙂
    Take care! I’m sure you’ll have a great show in Mexico! 😉
    We love you!
    Lot’s of love from France! <3 <3
    Sandra xoxo

    PS: We hope you'll come to perform in France for your new tour! 🙂

  2. 06/20/2013

    Hello Tarja,

    Thanks for your update 🙂

    It’s starting to get very exciting now… soon Colours IN The Dark will be out 🙂

    First though, I’m really looking forward to hearing Victim Of Ritual, and seeing the video!

    I hope the Beauty And The Beat show goes well, and that you manage to have in lie in, in bed!

    Love And Best Wishes,

    Frances x

  3. 06/20/2013

    Yay, great new Tarja, your new music video look very nice 😀 just can’t wait anymore
    Oh and your Beauty and the beat DVD will come out in 2014, so Im not too jealous of the lucky people in Mexico…maybe :p
    Love you Tarja :)) greeting from Asia <3
    Sorry for my very bad English.

  4. Thamires (Brazil)

    Hi Tarja! Love you <3

  5. Amanda Bellani

    I can’t wait to watch the new video, the photos are amazing!

  6. 06/20/2013

    Hey!!waiting for it!!! I am really in love with your music, you always surprise me with your songs…I love the way you combine all those different genres, it is unique!! Kisses from Torino:)

  7. Ricardo [Klaverhouse]

    Te amo , es un honor tenerte en el pais <3

  8. Bren

    Todos los exitos!!! Te esperamos en Argentina :))

  9. 06/20/2013

    Anxious, that how you make me feel, woman!

    Lots of love for you. 🙂

  10. Heather

    I have always been incredibly impressed with the quality of videos released thus far in Tarja’s solo career. More so than almost any other artist on the market, her videos are watchable over and again.

    This one does not look like it will be any exception!

    Keep it up the hard work, Tarja! I know I speak for everyone when I say you are amazing at what you do!

  11. Tom

    Hi Tarja! 🙂

    Cheers for the update! 🙂 Good to hear from you! 🙂

    I live in England ( as you might know by now ) and at 34 years old I’ve always had free accomodation in London. As a child and teenager I spent many days and nights at my grandparents in Chiswick. And as an adult for these last 12 years it’s been my best friend Rob’s bedsit in Vauxhall! 🙂 Lol! I go to London about 2 or 3 times per year. I last visited 4 months ago in Febuary and I’m planning my next visit at the end of next month in July 🙂 I love riding around the city on the London Underground 🙂 I’m sorry to hear you didn’t get any time to do any shopping whilst you were in London 🙁

    I’m gonna be counting down the day’s until next Wednesday now as I can’t wait to hear my first snippet of Victim of Ritual! 🙂

    When I was looking at the tracklisting for Colour’s In The Dark I was surprised to see that Into The Sun isn’t on the main album. Rather there is going to be a download code for the studio version. I’m presuming the studio version of Into The Sun didn’t fit in with the other tracks on the album I’m guessing. I’ve not heard it yet so I can’t properly judge.

    Don’t worry Tarja! 🙂 Your Beauty & The Beat show in Mexico will be fine! 🙂 I travelled to see Beauty & The Beat in Prague back on Sunday April 7th and it was awesome! 🙂 One of the best live gigs I’ve ever seen! 🙂 You might remember me as I was the tense looking one in the 4th row to your left. Still a brilliant show though! 🙂 Ever since I’ve been longing to go to another Beauty & The Beat concert 🙂 I’ll be more relaxed next time though hopefully 🙂

    I hope your jetlag wears off very soon 🙂

    Lol! 🙂 Please come to London England on Colour’s In The Road Tour! 🙂

    Best Wishes

  12. Tanja

    Dear Tarja,
    thank you again and again to let us know what you are doing. Wow – a lot of work,
    citys and no time to go shopping ;o)
    Thank you for the pics, the video seemed so be very very famous.
    Keep care