“Colours In The Dark” Press quotes

Read what international media says about “Colours in the Dark”


„…. This would be the only true soundtrack to „Alice In Wonderland“. Colours In The Dark is just extra ordinary, simply fantastic!” (Sonic Seducer)

“After Nightwish also Tarja manages to bring her music to a soundtrack-level. […]
Pompous choirs, surprising moves and modern guitar riffs included.” (Metal Hammer)

“Catchy hooks meet story telling compositions.Yes ! – this is Tarja at her best. […]
‘Colours In The Dark’ is a tremendous album, studded with plenty details…” (EMP)

„The ten inovative compostitions all sound modern and courageous, sparkle with variety and wealth of ideas, reaching new musical spheres.” (Nuclear Blast)

“The queen is back!“ – (Rock It!)


„….. Colours In The Dark is the sound of a very talented artist at the top of her game…. It is by far and away the finest that Tarja has sounded for the best part of a decade (Powerplay UK, 9/9)

“… Tarja’s work really feels like something beyond the normal realm of rock music, or opera styling. …This will please fans both old and new, lovers of both genres and many with just a curious ear. This is a real pleasure to listen to.” (Rebelicious Mag UK)

“… Colours InThe Dark” must surely be Tarja’s strongest solo release to date.” (Prog Magazine)

“.. With this album, Tarja has reached a level of sustained maturity and dynamism with her song writing and singing whereby nothing is beyond her capability. […]. Most striking of all is the opening song “Victim Of Ritual” – simply stunning! (Fireworks)


“It should be more than obvious now that Tarja can continue her way without “Nightwish” and with “Colours In The Dark” she adds an excellent new chapter to her solo career. […] .”Colours In The Dark”, besides being a vocal fest, contains many musical highlights. (Rocktribune 80/100)

The Netherlands:

‘Overwhelming, surprising and massive. With this album Tarja shows everybody, and Nightwish especially, what she’s made of. Respect!’ (Aardschok 95/100)

“It’s the combination of variation, strong songs, a great sound and of course her fantastic voice that makes Colours In The Dark the best Tarja album to date.” (Lust For Life Magazine, 4/5)


“Colours In The Dark is luckily Tarja’s best solo album so far.” (SOUNDI)


“Colours In The Dark finally confirms an impressive maturity and solidity” (Rock Hard, 7/10)


“The Finnish singer will never be able to get away from being compared to Nightwish, but while the ex-colleagues are drifting towards a more epic adventure/film musical direction, Tarja is more geared towards a romanticized, science-fiction like landscape. Which surprisingly enough fits both her and her toned down soprano-voice excellently.” (Sweden Rock gave, 7/10)


“Tarja gets it again with her very personal winner formula” (LH Radio)

“The best version of Tarja really shines in Colours In The Dark, perhaps her Best album to date”
(TNT Radio)


“Over an hour of interesting and emotional music that will definitely take you away from your usual routine. ..This album is magic….”(Sea of Tranquility, 4/5)

“Tarja’s best work to date.” (, 8,5/10)

“Colours in the Dark is a must have release for any Tarja fan, and any fan of Symphonic Rock/Metal. This release is filled with excellently crafted songs that are quite catchy and engaging in nature, making it the best album Tarja has released… so far. (Infernal Masquerade)

“…a strong album, possibly one of Tarja’s best. Recommended.” (Dangerdog, 4/5)

“Tarja Turunen’s voice is a force of nature, dominant and dominating. The former lead singer for Nightwish fills her lungs and turns Colours In The Dark into the fury of the four winds. From the bombastic opener ‘Victim of Ritual’ to the exquisite closer ‘Medusa,’ in which she shares her hurricane-proof microphone with Blue October’s Justin Furstenfeld, Colours In The Dark is a colossal battle royale of operatic soprano, keyboard orchestra and Alex Schlopp’s ENGL amplifier madness. (, 3.5/5)

“On this album, Tarja shows the diversity of her vocal range and the complexity of her voice, at the same time presents a more personal and intimate approach to her life through her lyrics.” (

“This is a solid album from start to finish that will please fans of the Tarja of old.” (Blogcritics)

“..Colours In The Dark, in fact, follows the trend of showing her creator’s talent outside of the scene that made her world famous…. She’s in crescendo in her solo career, and rarely fails bringing to the scene exquisite music. Altogether, Colours In The Dark is a welcome addition to every Tarja addict’s collection…” (Metalstorm)